Custom t-shirts

Looking to get a custom t-shirt printed?

It’s often the case that you have to order a massive quantity.

For those of you that want to get special t-shirts printed for something like a sports team, music concert,

corporate trade show or for a team charitable event, we have the perfect solution for you.

Minutemanpress Frankston makes this short-run printing possible through the use of heat transfer materials.

We can help you with simple one colour top or full colour custom t-shirt with your designs in

the quantity that you require.


If you intend to design your own custom t-shirt and send it in for printing, then there are a

number of things that you need to consider to get the quality that you desire:


  1. Ensure that any text is clear and readable – if you get too fancy with your font,
  2. your message may get convoluted, and if you have taken the time to design and print
  3.  a message on clothing; that’s just not the point!  You don’t have to choose something
  4.  plain, simply ensure that it is easy to read.
  5. Get rights to reprint images – if you intend to use an image that you source
  6. elsewhere, then you need to ensure that you have rights to reprint. Otherwise, you may
  7. find that you run into trouble with copyright. You can purchase a stock graphic online,
  8. go through a graphic designer, or simply contact the owner for permission.
  9. Make sure your image is of highest quality – you need to ensure that your image
  10. can be appropriately resized as needed without pixelating.  Get an image with a high
  11. resolution, and try increasing the size and creating a proof on paper in the size you
  12. desire before sending it in for official printing.


Once you’ve got your design finalised, you can begin the official print process and choose

the top you’d like to see your graphic appear on!

Be sure to check out our face book page to see somple examples of our work.