Identity Package Creation to Market Your Brand

At Minutemanpress Frankston we understand it is important that you present a clear picture of who you are

to both your clients and your prospective clients. After all, you want people to know who you are and what

you provide as a business.

This is where your branding is so important. You shouldn’t confuse people by putting out a variety of different

documents and publications that each brands you differently on an individual basis. Wiether you print flyers,

business cards, pull-up banners or even t-shirts, it is important to have an identity package created that

provides you with all of your marketing materials, as well as a cohesive strategy.

All of your material should be designed and printed to convey the same message and feature the same logo


and general format. This way when you hand out your marketing material, you are offering something for

people to recognise you by, and that also reflects a higher level of professionalism.

With Minutemanpress Frankston we can print your material either digital or offset ensuring you get the

best value to drive your marketing dollars further.

To continue your branding, you should have your online marketing materials match your offline ones.

This means setting up your website and your social media pages with the same colour-scheme, logos and

general format as your business cards and brochures. This way, without even reading about who you are,

someone that logs onto your website automatically makes the appropriate association. When this occurs,

you know you’ve effectively branded your business and that should be a goal of yours if you want your

company to be known.

Of course, in order to make the right impression, you do need your marketing materials to be of highest quality.

So, be contentious of who you give your printing services to!