Flyers & Brochures

Most businesses consider their brochures to be one of their most effective

sales tools. It conveys what you do & your level of professionalism. So it’s an

important to get it right.

Brochures & flyers come in a variety of sizes & finishes & are a really great

marketing tool to get your message across to potential clients.


Some of the most common sizes include:

DL – 99 x 210mm
A6 – 105 x 148mm
A5 – 148 x 210mm
A4 – 210 x 297mm


For something a little more upmarket, you really can’t go past a 4 page brochure.

(e.g. An A4 page folded in half) It has plenty of room for photos & is a very profession

way of presenting your products without looking to overwhelming with information.

Flyers on the other hand are mostly used to promote a special offer and are designed

to generate an immediate increase in sales with a call to action response (eg book now).

Flyers need to have high visual impact. Wording should be short, and sharp, and a

clear call to action should be evident at first glance.


Advantages of Direct Marketing with Flyers and Brochures


These days, more and more businesses are doing their marketing online, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t still a purpose to producing physical marketing materials like flyers and brochures.  There are a wide variety of benefits associated with using a tried, tested, and true method of business advertising.


  • Local reach results are more immediate – sure, when advertising online, local SEO can help you target a market within a specific region. However, establishing your online presence with local SEO takes time.  When you have flyers and brochures produced and delivered to mailboxes or handed out locally, you immediately reach only the target market that you’re aiming for.
  • You can include special offers – when you produce flyers or brochures, you can very easily include coupons or other incentives that motivate people to not only look at, but keep your advertisement. Something seen on the internet may be more easily forgotten, but an attractive design stuck to a fridge will be remembered!
  • Distribution is simple – once the materials have been designed and produced, the process that follows is quite simple. You simply need to have the items distributed. You can choose to mail to addresses that are listed in directories, drop the items off door-to-door, or hand them out at a public location in person.


The use of flyers and brochures, may not be the only component of your business’ marketing plan, but it can be very effective!

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