Student Portfolio printing PART 1

As a student in a creative field you have probably been thinking of the best way to present your years or sweet and tears (your work). Today there are a number of mediums to showcase your creative skills to the world. Posting your work on a site as it’s created is a good way to get the word around. Making your own website is a great way to get the word out to. However if you have thought about printing a portfolio I’ve got a few pointers for you.

First point is if you want to use small fonts such as Helvetica light at 6pt then stick to 100% black. This way you’ll avoid any loss of detail making it easier to read.

Second point is bleed. Always set at least 3mm of bleed off the edge of your file and don’t place any thing vital to the design closer than 5mm from the edge. Digital printers have a tendency to ‘shift’ leaving you unhappy with how the design is placed.

Third but not last is binding. If you want your job bound then make sure there is at least 10mm from the spine. To many students have been left with there text punched out by a wire bind.

So far I’ve only mentioned the light font, bleed, and binding. I’ll bring some helpful hints soon.