The Benefits of Digital Printing

Using Minuteman Press Frankston to digitally print your items produces a much better result than printing at home.

It also has a number of other benefits that can make it a better option than offset printing when you are hiring someone to do the job.

For example:


To print digitally, a fixed master is not required. As a result, it is a far more cost-effective option.

It is possible to print in small quantities even when full-colour printing is required.

Doing a run of just a few prints is an option with digital printing, as there is no hefty cost to setup for this process.

This is great for when you’re testing a marketing idea and want some feedback prior to printing in larger volumes.

Additionally, this also means that when a small additional quantity is needed after the first print run you can simply email us with a request to have more done.


Of course, having us complete digital prints on your behalf, rather than attempting your own print run at home is beneficial in other ways to.

The job is likely to be of a much higher quality due to better equipment, it will be produced in a much quicker timeframe and

any document preparation can be done more efficiently. Binding, cutting, and other tedious parts of the whole process are all taken care of.

So next time you think of trying to save yourself a few $$$, but waste hours in front of your printer reloading paper or changing ink cartridges,

wouldn’t it be worth a simple call and let us handle the job so you can be more productive with your day.