Tips for Printing a Poster & Wide Format Printing

If you’re planning a digital print job that requires only a small amount of printing,

you may not think that it’s necessary to use the services of a professional printer.

But there are some jobs that are just too challenging to do at home if you want

high-quality result. For example, when doing wide format printing for a poster or banner.

You could try printing at home on a standard printer and piecing together the final

product like pieces of a puzzle, but that’s never going to deliver a high-quality result.


Additionally, if you try and piece multiple print-offs together, you will be limited to

printing on certain mediums only. Standard-sized photo paper is likely to be as good as it gets.

If you’re going to print a poster for a corporate function or another important event,

the quality of your poster matters. A professional printer has the technology available

to produce one cohesive piece using wide format printing.


Wide format printers are designed to accommodate jobs including those of a more

artistic nature and those produced for the architectural industry. As a result, the print

quality is high and this allows individuals to produce graphics of a higher quality than

is often available with typical digital printers.


Additionally, a print can appear on a variety of different mediums, where printers at

home are usually limited to photo paper at best. This can ensure that the result is far

more professional than the result of something produced on a standard printer.